Course of the session

The session is traditionally practiced on the floor. After removing jewelry and belts, the receiver client lies down on a futon.
It is possible for the elderly or people with physical restrictions to remain seated. The Practitioner establishes an energy balance based on questioning and pulse measurement. There are twelve pulses in Traditional Chinese Medicine, six on the right wrist and six on the left wrist. They do not provide, as in Western medicine, the number of heart beats per minute but give information on the energetic state of the organs.
The Practitioner begins the session by exerting pressure, friction and percussion on the whole body, over clothing. The rhythm and intensity of the pressure varies according to the energy balance and different parameters such as the pathological state, the different parts of the body, the season... The Practitioner takes into account the feeling of the receiver to adapt her pressures. Shiatsu is very often perceived as pleasant and relaxing.

Duration of a session

Adults : approx. 1h 15 min
Children and teenagers: from 30 to 45 min

The first session is often longer in order to get to know each other and identify your needs. Please bring comfortable clothing such as leggings or wide, comfortable trousers and a pair of socks.

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