Some testimonials

In 2018, I discovered Shiatsu sessions with Pascale and it helped me to regain energy and forget chronic pain that had been making me suffer for years (back pain, knees, gums...). Pascale also taught me how to use certain "massage" points that relieve migraines and heartburn in particular.

I have been lucky enough to receive Shiatsu from Pascale once a month for two years now. Pascale practices Shiatsu with a lot of gentleness, attention and also with great strength. The Shiatsu session is a real moment of relaxation, a moment in which one feels pampered. Pascale's work goes beyond well-being .... In the days following the session, I am in good shape, as if I had just come back from holidays. Receiving Shiatsu regularly helps me a lot to cope with the daily fatigue due to a chronic health problem.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with progressive rheumatoid polyarthritis, I am undergoing a rather heavy treatment with corticoids, anti-inflammatory and pain killers. In order to relieve my body of pain in high doses, I looked for possible methods of gentle therapy, knowing that massages were strongly discouraged. I tried Shiatsu in the office with Pascale. During the first session, my body relaxed, and I had the sensation that I was "floating" in a new body. My organs also reacted. My feeling from this session allowed me to be more supple, relaxed and my pains were soothed. The effects of this well-being lasted 4/5 days. A new session was just as impactful on my body and mind. This tactile therapy on certain points of the body is effective in relieving pain, unfortunately in the short term. But I strongly recommend it to patients with autoimmune diseases. In addition to soothing the body, it provides mental respite and hope, which is fundamental for the patient.

I discovered the benefits of Shiatsu thanks to Pascale who, thanks to her particular sensitivity, was able to act on the specific points to be treated to relax my tensions and blockages and produce a state of wellbeing and balance that lasts long after the treatment. I am quite amazed by the efficiency of this kind of practice which goes beyond a simple relaxing effect. I have the impression that Shiatsu helps me to become aware of dysfunctions. Shiatsu also helps me to become aware of the importance of the care that I must bring to the balance of my vital energies, as often and regularly as possible. This becomes an almost essential need. Thank you to Pascale for her total implication during the treatments, thank you to her humility and her kindness, thank you for her attentive listening, thank you for her benefits...
Louis Michel

Pascale is a practitioner who works with gentleness and benevolence. I thank her for having made me discover Shiatsu and its benefits. Her treatment allows me to reconnect with my body and to release tensions by making energy circulate again. It's a beautiful experience.

I had several Shiatsu sessions with Pascale. She starts by taking your pulse in order to direct the session towards what you need most at that moment. She adapts the pressure of your fingers according to your sensitivity (for my part, extremely sensitive on the back). At the end of the session, I felt extremely relaxed and it is possible to discuss with her the perceived feelings. I recommend it without hesitation!

Illustration depicting a stone buddha

Illustration depicting a stone buddha