Rates/Prices 2022

Adults : 50 euros

Students, retired people : 45 euros

Children, teenagers : 40 euros

Children, teenagers, following sessions : 40 euros

Travel to your home : +10 euros

One session gift card : 50 euros

Shiatsu-Hypnose double session* : 90 euros

* 1 Shiatsu session + 1 hypnosis session at reduced rate.
In Couëron, Nathalie Kermasson, SAJECE hypnosis practitioner and I invite you to discover Shiatsu and hypnosis through a duo offer.
In this context, gift cards are available at the office.
For more information about Nathalie and her practice, please consult her website.

Some mutual insurance companies reimburse Shiatsu on presentation of an invoice.
Indicative list of mutual insurance companies that cover the sessions :
Amavie, Mutuelle Santé Asetys, CCMO, MFIF, Mutua Gestion, ADREA, CAP VERT, Alptis Assurances,
Mutua Gestion, complémentaire santé du Crédit Mutuel, Mutuelle Santé Asetys, …
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