Information on measures implemented during the Coronavirus pandemic

I respect a series of strict sanitary measures for the protection and well-being of all, including :
- Wearing a mask is obligatory for everyone, please make sure to bring a mask with you.
- A bottle of hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal for washing your hands before and after the session.
- For the Couëron practice, clients must arrive on time for their appointment and call me when they arrive at the bottom of the building.
- Clients have to remove their shoes at the entrance to the waiting room.
- Clients need to bring a clean blanket, pillowcase and their own prepared payment with the account just for cash and their own pen for cheques.
- I will meet you at the door of the office, so that you do not have to touch the door handle.
- The consultation room will be disinfected and ventilated after each Client.
- Washable fabrics are changed after each Client and will be placed on the futon. All points of contact will be disinfected between each session.
These safety measure help to guarantee the safety of all and a permanent reopening of the practice. Thank you for your cooperation.